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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Nice job Sherry.....just drop the ball on blogging for a week.  I know...not sure what happened but it just seemed ridiculous to be talking about design after what happened in our country.

It weighed so heavy on my heart as I know it did for everyone.....especially those of you with young children.  I was at lunch with a few designers and bloggers when the news broke....and everyone of the girls wanted to leave and grab their kids.

Can't blame them.....

Here is a group photo taken that day.

To say that Lisa's home was gorgeous was an understatement!  She has such a talent for bringing together old and new and curating it to create a story.

I took a zillion of pictures but my favorites were...

This shot from her living room.  So pretty.  Creamy walls, curtains...wall to wall seagrass and that canvas just killed me dead.


This is her guest room....I want to copy down to the last grain of loveliness...isn't it romantic?

Here is a door in the same guest room....

And her newly remodeled powder room....slap me.

I actually got stuck in there as apparently I can't operate a pocket door.  What started out as a small whisper....hello?  Then a small knock and soon pounding like a serial killer was after me was a tad embarrassing.  For goodness sake Sherry.....get a grip.

A blurry little vignette...iPhone sometimes let's you down.

How cute is this?

Checks and vintage...winning combination.  I love how her home flowed...she is definitely true to her style meaning that each room was not full of trends....but a continuing  story of her composition.

AND she cooked all the food.  I can manage the decorating...and cleaning the house.  BUT cooking the food is where I draw the line.  My idea of slaving over the stove is grilled cheese sandwiches.

Thanks Lisa for this home tour that I managed to snap in-between bites of that mouthwatering pasta.

I completed my last install yesterday.  After I try to edit my crappy pictures......hopefully a post is coming soon.

You guys hang in there....

Merry Christmas to the best readers ever!



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