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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I finished this project last summer but am just now getting around to posting some images I had taken by the talented Tina Rowden.

This was a renovation where they took off the whole back of a 2 story home and added 2 bedrooms and a laundry room upstairs and new kitchen, mudroom, family room and screened in porch downstairs.

During the buildout I posted about the paint colors, kitchen, lighting and wallpaper.  You can find some of the before post here and here.

There are windows flanking the fireplace with storage cabinets underneath.
I used a simple valance which allows plenty of sunshine!  A great place to keep a fern alive!

Some accessories on the other side.

Now you are going to are pictures of the before sofa and chair.  Since she still had young children she wanted to keep her furniture so we had the sofa and 2 chairs overhauled!

And here is the after....
Pretty amazing huh!

Here is a shot of the kitchen/dining area after the buildout but before the move in.

The after shot. Her original table and chairs.  We did have the 2 parsons recovered.

Before shot of the kitchen

Pretty?  The Pottery Barn barstools add some nice texture and are great with kids.
Dang it...never under estimate the power of a bowl of fruit!

I wasn't sure where I was going to put this old wooden corbel but the minute I placed it in this corner.... it added so much warmth to all of the white.

I have so much work to catch up today is going to be spent in the office.  Many thanks for all of the positive comments on our Show Room.  We had some pictures taken yesterday....can't wait to share.  I really can't look at it fact I told Lori that I have obsessed over it so much I almost hate it.  Crazy huh? 

Stay warm....


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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Still working the same house.....

Look...I am trying to move on from this project but you guys keep asking questions.  It is a rainy Sunday here and I just finished doing a guest post for Tina at The Enchanted Home.  I had to work hard to yank that one out of my head.  She is NO lightweight on her post.  They have plenty of substance.

I have an appointment tomorrow with a new client and another renovation.  Excited.

As promised I have the paint colors I used on this project.

Master Bath:
BM Pale Smoke 1584

Master Bedroom:
SW 7526 Maison Blanche 
A true beige without any yellow.

Laundry Room:
BM Gray Cashmere 2138-60

Dining Room:
BM Stratton Blue  HC 142

Sons Room:
BM Quincy Tan HC 25

Guest Room:
BM Clay Beige  OC 11
Another beige without yellow

The whole house is BM OC 8  Elephant Tusk.

Guest Bath:
BM Bennington Gray HC 82

SW 7058 Magnetic Gray

All the trim [and the kitchen cabinets] is SW Creamy 7012

The info about these floors in the mudroom is:

It is a slate.  If you are local you can call Speciality Tile on Miami Circle.

The wallpaper in the powder room is Schumacher.  From the Modern Nature Collection.  Tracery  5005121 Charcoal.
I have really hunted for a fabulous mirror.  No luck yet.  Frustrated.

The kitchen knobs are from Top Knob but I don't know the name of them...sorry.  You can probably go to their web site and find.

I can't think of any other questions.

Here is the fabric that we used on the parsons chairs in the kitchen.  That wasn't a question but one of the only new images on this post.
And here they are finished.

OK...nothing else until we finish the kitchen, dining area, and den.  I promise.  She and I decided that is our priority.

By the was had during my break at the beach.  It was the warmest it has ever been.  Reaching 73 a couple of days.

This was taken the day we left.  Deserted.  I love the beach in the winter.

Here is a picture of our place.  It is in a community called Sunset Beach, about a block from Rosemary Beach.  We DO rent it out so if anyone is interested our VRBO number is 48635.  That was a SPP [self promotional plug].....:)

Time to feed dogs.....put clean sheets on the bed.....grab a hand full of pretzels....and then maybe do some blog reading.  What a great Sunday.


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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back in the saddle.....

The good thing is you never forget how to ride a bike.  You might be a little wobbly when you get back on but the memory is still there.

Kind of like blogging.  I opened blogger to start a post and sat there staring.  At first it looked like a math problem to me. "I can't do this" I said to myself.  "Of course you know your multiplication tables sweetie.....just start from the beginning and you will be surprised what you can do"......"But what happens when I get to the 8's or 9's?"......."let's just start with the lower numbers and see how far we get".....

OK......the basics.  Design.  I am starting small here....easing back into it.

The good think is I do have a giveaway.....the Atlanta market is in town, and then there is always Scott's.  A few updates on that house and some info on questions a few of you had.

First things first.  Here is the info on that herringbone runner.  I think I already posted about it before but I am lazy also, so I understand you do not want to go searching for it.  I don't either so here is the info.
This picture makes it look black and white but it is actually black and tan.

Langhorne Carpet Company

In Atlanta you can contact Underfoot Designs.  

Someone wanted to know the name of the Kravet fabric we are using for this project.

It is actually a new pattern called Royale-135.....Surf.  She is a beaut and we are going to use it for all of the window treatments cause the client LOVES it!!!!!  The sofa [the solid tan color] and the chairs [the cream windowpane] are all recovered.

This is an old picture, and I will have more [remember I am starting small today] of the screened in porch.
We painted the ceiling SW 6470 Waterscape and the floors SW Iron Ore.

The floors

Oh mommy....... is the floor of the mudroom....

One of my favorite things...the herringbone pattern.

I am working this project aren't I.....:)

Next I will share the colors......but not today.  Today I am only riding around the block.  With training wheels.  In the next few days I will jump on the road bike and it will be donkey kong.

Happy New Year.

You guys are the bombdigity for reading my blog.  I have been terrible about commenting over the holidays but I prepared to use the time I set aside for unpacking to get caught up on that.

After all....I can just let those suitcases sit there until next week.  I have done that before.

Lazy Sha Ray

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A project update....

The renovation I have been working on for about 7 months is almost ready.  They are moving in on Thursday.  I have to say that the builder [Michael Ladisic Fine Homes] is incredible.  You can find more examples of his work here [he was the builder of this incredible house!]  and here [ his personal home].  He has an impressive eye for detail no matter what your budget is.  

With this house they took the whole back off and added a new kitchen/den, master bedroom, extra bedroom, laundry, screened in porch, back entrance/mudroom and office.  

Yesterday they were there touching up the paint, hanging wallpaper, and cleaning.  I only got a few shots but I will have more soon.  Just wanted you to get a feel of how it is looking.

Hanging the teal grasscloth.  Husbands office.
The new chandelier.  Walls are Ben Moore Stratton Blue HC 142.

Finished up the wallpaper in the powder room.  Need fabulous mirror.

The kitchen.  It looks like the walls are yellow but they aren't at all.  My photography skills suck.

Love the Circa Lighting Merchant Pendants over the island.

The master bath.  Still missing some hardware here.

There will be more.  They installed the carpet today.  Remember the herringbone runner!  I love it.

I am trying to be grateful  that I have a warm snuggly home but after seeing this one come together I want to torch mine.  Just kidding.....maybe.

Have you y'all seen this Christmas Tree over at An Urban Cottage?????  Holy Miracles of all trees......I am so hating  loving him right now.  I am sure his eyelashes are even talented.  That dude is a quick learner.  Now even his photography skills are amazing.  Hate.  Jealous.  I mean love and admire.  Go look at it then look at yours.  WTF.

Merry 4 days before Christmas......Raining here like like somebody up there is using a bucket instead of drops.


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