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Monday, July 14, 2014


I think I got lucky....
I heard from quite a few of you about your Stitch Fix [try and say that 5 times fast....] experience and most of the time it wasn't good.  Yikes. 

I am surprised because....I am pretty darn picky.  Most said that even though they wrote:  do not send me gray...their "stylist" kept sending them GRAY!

I guess like any company there are some people who just don't listen and think they know best right?

 I wasn't kidding when I told y'all it was going to be a busy weekend.

Thursday I was at the Mart....Friday and Saturday I was at Haven and Sunday....back to the Mart.
Whew.  I could not fit in a trip to Scott's:(

And.....I had to pull out those "sensible shoes".

One of the sponsors of Haven was Ballard Designs.  The had small rooms set up with furniture and I spotted this fabric.

On this sweet chair.
Cute huh?  Love the tape with the nailheads.

And this fabric....

On these chairs.

I don't know if it was the pattern or the color but I was giddy.

That prompted me to go online and see what I had been missing at Ballard Designs.

I picked out my top 9 fabrics.....cause 9 fit the best:)

All of these are fairly classic but sometimes putting a pattern on an occasional chair can add some life to a room.

I also picked out 9 of my favorite chandeliers.

I feel like most of these could stand the test of time.  I am quite fond of the last one. are my favorite rugs, accessories and pillows.

 The black and sepia tone prints from Suzanne Kassler could go anywhere along with the egg prints.  Pillows are self  And I could use any of these rugs in a room.

This could be a bedroom....or a family room.  With neutral walls and furniture you could layer up this space with texture and pattern.

It's back to the mart today....getting tired of putting on makeup.....cause really what is the point.  I saw some pictures on Instagram of me and thought "how do they know my grandma?"

Make it a great week!


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Monday, August 5, 2013


K......this is a Monday....haven't posted in a week.....update.

I attended Haven [a DIY blogger conference] on Friday and Saturday.  I know what you are thinking...."why Sherry you are not such a diy girl".  That would be correct.  In fact my friend Amanda said she is more of a DIFM person...[do it for me].  I had to agree. 

But I like meeting people and being "in the loop"  as they say.  Plus it was less than a 1/2 mile from my house.

I did not come across one single mean person.  It was like they did background checks on all of us before they let us sign up.  Good thing I am in  witness protection....

And....I saw these books.

Gorgeous covered books.  I mean how fast can we cover a book in that thick linen huh?

Next up is a little trip to the Home Decorators Store about 25 minutes from my house.  Sometimes it is good to get a review of things.

I liked this gray stained round coffee table.

Sat in this chair and it was pretty comfy. I like that the back is tall.

 Sat in this one also....same deal.

This pic is a little blurred....It was probably because it was getting close to happy hour.....but it was burlap with a hand blocked paisley. And a down insert.  I can't find it online:(

Again...for the price great look.

And this was awesome.....

If you can't find them at a flea market to paint yourself ....

Of course I would change the shade but I liked this lamp.  Have I mentioned that I am a "big lamp person?"

NO!  This was not at HD but across the street at Crate and Barrel.  I am specking for a large room with a Nantucket feel....

You might have seen the Thibaut wallpaper that went up last week [on my Instagram] [sherryhdesigns] for the same project.

Whoa.....we aren't done yet.....I had a few questions on the blog last week...

This is the fabric I used for the bedroom makeover 

Also...[from the bedroom makeover]the metal baskets under the console came from Homegoods.

A few questions about the slipcover.

The fabric was a linen/cotton blend.
Here is a close up.  I cut the yardage in half and washed it in cold water with no detergent. I dried it 1/2 way and draped it over my DR table while it was damp to finish drying.  To reduce the wrinkles some I re-rolled it on the tube.  That's it.  I lucked out to find this fabric as it was pretty thick so you can't see the stripes through it. might  hate me for this..... but I got it for 10.00@yd

I saw this Clarence House fabric the other day at ADAC.....Color: Aimee.  Linen/jute blend.  I am kind of smitten with it.

A few other Clarence House....

I think this post is long enough and your attention might be waning....I have a house to clean and pictures to take for a "favorite room" guest post later this week.




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Sunday, June 17, 2012


What a week!!!  My clients were on vacation, and I decided to do their den/kitchen install.  It is SO much easier when I have that much time to really finish a room....and perfect the accessories.  We all know that is the hard part :)

Before we go any further...the winner of the giveaway has been a friend...and long time follower.  Kathysue always leaves the nicest comments and her blog is full of great and well thought out post.  You need to run on over to  Good Life of Design  and tell her she won!!!

You get one sneak peek of the install....

Now on to the rest of Scott's.

Can I tell you how hard it is to find small tables sometimes????  These were awesome!

Here is the info....

One more....

I always have to include the wonderful headboards from Burlap Street.  They are located here in Atlanta.  You know you want that chevron one.

Come on...order up.

Sometimes I like to take pictures of vignettes.  Styling is always the hardest part of this helps me think about composition.

These were sold....but...

These weren't!  I stood there forever....picturing them recovered in a really cool fabric....touching...sitting...while she kept lowering the price.  I wanted SO damn bad.....but I walked.  I know.....see how strong I can be.

Yeah....this was quite a "room starter"....
As was this one....

Let's talk about collections....

Things always look better in groups...

One is sad...8 is really good....

It is just a fact.

A new line of chalk paint.....

Picture down the leading edge of some curtains....

So many choices here...

Some great textiles...Carter Seibels Singh....510 759 5856.  She has an Etsy shop  .  Go check it out!!!

Frame them....

Got a little DIY to show you that is done with some books. are gonna like it!

I have a really busy week coming up!!!  Rhoda at Southern Hospitality asked me to speak at Haven next week!  It's a 2 day conference and I am going to be "chewing the fat" about fabrics and PILLOWS.....duh... I can talk nonstop about those little gems? I mean...give me a real challenge right?

I am honored that they included me.....but I started thinking "what can I do to really make them like me" know...kinda like a bribe?  Give away some pillows!  [Ha...I am like a politician!]  So if you are coming to hear what I have to say [along with Erika and Darlene] you might just go home with something....

I am pretty darn excited that I will be meeting so many people.  Gotta get my hair done and shave my legs.......first impressions and all that......

Happy Fathers Day....


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