Saturday, October 22, 2016


Since I am knee deep in the One Room Challenge...... looking for accessories has been my obsession lately:)

 I probably have enough stuff to get this bad boy off the ground......what do you think?

If you muttered under you breath "who is she kidding".....then you are correct.

But.....that still doesn't stop me from obsessing.....searching for that "perfect" something that will launch my room from ordinary to perfection.

One of my go to places to search is Target.  Typing in "black and white" will get you all kinds of hair raising goodness starting with Nate Berkus!

The barware......

That throw.....

I think the tassel shower curtain rings are kind of cool and I know somebody out there will think of crazy other ideas on how to use right?

Then there is the Threshold Line

Now that I threw my bathroom in the ring for the ORC I am looking for some cool towels like the ones above!

And I might need a pouf in my bedroom right!

And then I couldn't stop [now you understand my personality!].....

I need the black box for my room!

I am always looking for small drink tables and I have seen the round one below [$59.49]  for 700-800 dollars!

I am crazy about the dark wood side table with the shelves!

OK.....they are painting my bedroom as we Instagram today to see what color I chose!

And the other night I was on a panel talking about color.  That was a laugh....

I didn't have much to add....other than my favorite color was white....after a while they just skipped over me....hahahahaha.

See you Wednesday for more updates on the ORC.

Have a great weekend y'all.


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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE FALL 2016 WEEK THREE was kind of a reality check to write "week 3" because that means we are halfway through the challenge.  Uh oh.

Welcome back to what I like to refer to as the design marathon called the One Room Challenge.  

20 designers who have 6 weeks to makeover a room....we all cross the finish line at the same time......only there is no medal when you finish:)

Linda where are the medals?  I want mine to say "slowest start.....fastest finish"!

I'm in good company though:)

Even though I know every single one of these talented people are way ahead of me I am not going to hold a grudge.  

I can be forgiving like that:)

Let's move on from my rant and get to the pictures cause after all you have a lot of blogs to check in with today.

My guys finished putting up the Metrie trim in the bedroom and it is straight up crazytown over here because I went running in like my hair was on fire and had them add some trim to this wall!



And in this picture you can see that there was no trim where the boards meet from the ceiling to the walls...

Hello better option!

Great right?  Call the painters and let's get the ball moving.  Oh no....instead let's brainstorm and decide to change the trim in the master bath also..... wallpaper in there.....change the lights and sink faucets.

I know.  Shoot me.  Look the reality is that I would like to renovate my master bath.  But I doubt that is gonna happen this year or next so I might as well put some lipstick and a party dress on it.  

Hee Haw

 This Thibaut texture wallpaper will be perfect in a bathroom....and I am going to paint the trim one shade darker.

I ordered these Kohler Purist sink faucets from

And I found these Hudson Valley lights from our ORC sponsor Bellacor

Kind of excited cause they take a 100 watt bulb which will enable me to see all of my wrinkles up close.

Ordered this rug from All Modern another ORC sponsor.

Here's hoping I picked the right shade of lipstick to make a difference!

There is this little corner in the way back of my mind that wants to paint the walls in the bedroom a dark color....SW Urbane Bronze.  

I not me.  But I have cathedral ceilings which I am painting high gloss white and all the trim will be white and my floors are light.....and after all it's just paint. 

Will she do it?   I say go big or go home:)

Stay tuned for week 4!

Here is your homework for today.....go see all the updates from the 19 other talented ladies....


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Saturday, October 15, 2016


I like nothing better than a pretty design book.....and I have a new favorite.  Of course it helps that it has a beautiful cover [white] and it is chock full of incredible!

Leslie Sinclair has a new book out that is a MUST READ!

After I got it I started flipping through [of course!] and landed on this page...

WHAT!  Are you kidding me right now!  These floors are everything and at that moment I was wishing that Leslie was my sister, cousin or BFF so I could play that card and get these floors asap!

Me:  Hi Leslie come on over for coffee....and grab your paintbrush"


Before we talk about her talent can we just talk about the pictures in the book?


I mean come on this puppy is filled to the brim with drool worthy images.  The kind that make you jump off the couch....start going in circles thinking how you can re-arrange your room to "get the look" and then sit down realizing that it would be impossible.

This paneling....

Hello sexy wall treatment.....

Shiplap with a degree!

Shazam.....this is a whole bunch of magic right here.

No words....

Just when you think you are a pretty good designer you see an image like this and it brings you butt down to earth.

I just landed. get my point right?

What can't she do?  Well I don't know but she CAN do murals, plasters and wall finishes which her team of 35 artists complete and has been featured in Veranda, House Beautiful and Traditional Home.  

Oh yeah one more thing which I think is kinda important.  She is extremely nice.  That's a biggy.

Are you convinced?  Get it here

Cami loves it also.

That little leg sticking out just about killed me it is so cute:)  Seriously what a smoochie.....

It's Saturday and I'm blogging.  The whole world is topsy turvy.....what next locust?


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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Deadlines are over-rated.  I mean OK.... yes I perform better when I have one but still they can be irritating.

It's been a week since I shared with you the design train that was my bedroom over the years and now it is time to reveal the plan. Here we are....20 designers all working hard to give you a huge reveal in 5 weeks.  

Linda is sitting back... filing her nails, drinking some cute drink with an umbrella in it [she lives in Florida after all] and happy that she is running the show instead of participating:)

This ORC gig is like the hot boyfriend you know you need to dump.....every time you go out with him you have so much fun and he wows you with his charm.... but you just can't do it.....hee haw.  

I have been pulling my hair out trying to nail down my plan.  I was torn between doing something with color because after all that is what photographs the best but let's face it people that was the old me:)  I gotta stay true to my style.

I thought about some designers whose work I admire....Daryl Carter, Beth Webb....Bob Brown and searched a bit on Pinterest to look for inspiration.  

Daryl Carter

Lisa Sherry

Bob Brown

Beth Webb

Beth Webb

The common ground is black, neutrals, texture and layering.

OK....let's discuss......  
1. Since I got rid of the white armoire I moved the dresser to another wall and want to use this console to hang the birds over.

2. I ordered this small Bernhardt dresser to replace the white one.  I am keeping the table-skirt on the other side.

3. The lamps from Currey and Co will give me some nice contrast against the white walls.....

4. I ordered this wool Karastan carpet [one of the ORC sponsors].  Its called Leighland in Aspen Bark

5.  Picked 4 of these up at Scott's on Friday.

6.  This Ralph Lauren fabric will be somewhere!

7. Can't decide if I want a dark brown mohair headboard or stay white....thoughts?  Keep in mind that mohair is $$$.....just sayin.

8.  I also scored this pillow.

I moved my larger dark dresser to where the armoire was and I will have a TV mounted over it.  Switching this one we just bought with a much smaller one in the family room.

 I would love to find a pretty vintage saddle leather chair but that might be pushing it:)

Daryl Carter much as I ADORE the console table above this one would allow me to add some books and "pretty things".....

And the last thing I'm doing is changing out all the trim and having a fresh coat of my favorite BM White Dove painted.  Metrie another ORC sponsor who generously supplied me with the same backband trim I used in my kitchen reno!

Well cha think?  

Can I do it?  

Will it get done?  Or will I spiral down......

Stay tuned for complete chaos! 

Review week one here 

Of course you must take a visit to these talented bloggers to see what's up with their projects!


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