Friday, September 23, 2016


It seems like everything this past month was all about getting ready for "the photoshoot"'s like Christmas right?  

You shop for a month trying to find the perfect gift for everyone and at the end of the day when all the gifts are opened and the dinner is eaten your like...."well guess I will get on with life until next year".

Not to make light of it because I am still ecstatic!  It was an exciting day day working with so much talent and watching them polish my house like a shiny new penny.

Here are 5 people just to make sure one shot is perfect!  

 It's not all work either......  Owen and Betsy are taking a break to share some love!

Ginny and I were simpatico with our love for hats in styling....

I used one in my last ORC!

Let me just bounce into talking about the talented stylist Ginny Branch!  I worked with her on the HB Kitchen Of The Year and this chick is amazing.

Her flower arrangements made me cry.

On a whim I called to see if she was available to style on my big day and the angels started singing when I heard yes:)

Everybody thought I was crazy but seriously people if I have a hard time decorating my own house....styling it would be close to achieving world peace right?

Know when you don't know.

Look at her work.....

I mean come on...... her gorgeous style is organic mixed with a little romance and who doesn't need that!

And she is sweet as a ripe peach :) 

I am so grateful to Owen and Christine husband and wife photography team for making a long day totally fun!

A couple who clearly love their work and it shows!

To Lisa Mowry and Betsy Riley for trusting me to get my house ready on time.....LOL!

My girl Sudi for always hooking me up with my pillow addiction :)

And of course my friend Michael Ladisic of Ladisic Fine Homes who.... well.....we all know was instrumental in giving me MY dream kitchen lickity split as they say. 

Phil Kazmark for these killer barstools and my cabinet doors....
I know...sitting through the credits and not being able to fast forward is hard but it took a village to pull this off!

One more thing....I have the best clients ever because they were so patient these last 3 weeks but now I know it's time to get back to work!

This is how excited Cami is that it's all over!



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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I wasn't going to post today cause I don't really have anything different to say other than I am still plugging along at this overhaul of my house:)

One reason is.... I ditched my responsibility and headed out of town Sat and Sun. 

I know..... I can be crazy like that.  Last minute plans to head to Lake Oconee to celebrate the House Beautiful article with.....Michael Ladisic and his wife Lisa joining Matthew Quinn and Ric Parish at their killer home.

Boy am I glad I said yes.  When the captain of the football team ask you out for a date you go even if you don't have a dress. 

Right?  Kapow.....

I learned so are laughing right?  What could that mean?
This spread was waiting for us when we arrived....along with chilled Rose.  And every meal was a presentation just like it straight out of Southern living.  

I thought of the times when people have come to my house and I would think....I have coffee yes check, cream yes check, toast yes check.  We're good then.


I now feel completely inadequate.  Have people been snickering behind my back saying things like "bless her heart".

 I fished y'all but I did not get in the water.  Oh no.  I am not game for getting into bodies of water where you can't see the bottom.  Childhood fear that has stayed with me.

Lisa and I doing the activity called "day drinking"....which I am not really an expert at:)

And these chairs......

We had fun dissecting the article and I got a little freaked out seeing my name in print in HB.  OK... so the print was really tiny.

Things were definitely back to normal with frozen pizza for dinner Sunday night.

Back to the overhaul.....

I got a little giddy when this Schumacher wallpaper was installed.

 "Stevie" was hung.....

Since I never did any spring planting I had my landscape guy just "pine straw the hell" out of my yard and I moved this old sundial in front of the window.....
 Kind of a lame attempt but I have always been a "smoke and mirror" kind of chick.

And this was yesterday after going up and down the basement stairs about 4,000 times looking for an inch of space to cram stuff.

I will be back on Friday hopefully with a few images from the shoot.....And next week things can go back to normal!

Thanks for hanging in with me y'all.


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Friday, September 16, 2016


I have a feeling this post is going to be all over the place so hang with me for a minute....

Remember when I was blabbing on and on last May about working with Matthew Quinn and Michael Ladisic on the House Beautiful Kitchen Of The Year?'s not on stands yet but if you get a subscription then you're already flipping through the pages!

What a year I am having and to think I have only been at this for over 20 years.....hee haw

Is this a glamorous kitchen or what?

This is the family room opposite the kitchen.  I love the detail of the brass strips on the FP.  The sofas and stools are from Room and Board.  The mirror is from Bernhardt Interiors.

Next is an update on what is going on around here!  
I am still dying over those brackets and my panels changed the whole look of the space.

After I applied the stain on the shelves I noticed there were some places still showing bare wood.  Larry the "faux painter extraordinare" came over and worked his magic!


This shinny Grohe faucet got installed!  I am still getting used to it but it was pretty much love at first site.

And then this....

I got some balls.


I say this about everything but game changer!  If you live in Atlanta you can call Chimney Mischief 404 377 1254.

I was flipping through Veranda magazine while I was getting a much needed pedicure [think buzzard talons] and saw this Circa Lighting Kelly Wearstler pendant.

Funny how you can look at a lighting site and never notice some of I pursued it a little further.

I want this table lamp pretty badly.

This collection from KW is outstanding.

And that's it y'all....I have 6 days to whip this place in shape. Since my walls are freshly painted I have FOMHITW  [fear of making holes in the wall] and can't seem to get past it!

Have a kick ass weekend:)


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