I might be all over the place coming in hot so I can get to Orange Theory in an hour!

Have you guys checked out the One Room Challenge reveals?  This bi-annual event happens in the spring and fall and there is always plenty of design eye candy.

I haven't gone through the guest post yet but there are always some gems with those guys too!

I picked my offense to anyone else but these rooms just spoke to me personally!

Linda Holt gave this room plenty of personality!  I love that the walls and upholstery are all neutral and the color is just in the art and accessories!

Natasha's room really appealed to my love of neutrals. I guess it is just in my DNA:)

Erin from Apartment 34 just killed it with this adorable many good moments!

Lots of blue this year and Stephanie Kraus really showed us how to do blue right!  Love the horizontal stripe on the headboard.

Angela from The Painted House gave this remodeled attic such a calm feel.....white walls.....check!

It's pretty hard to top this gorgeous bedroom by Kelly Rogers  I'm in love with those curtains!

I know what you are going to say...."Sherry what is this room with ALL of this color doing in your favorites".  And my answer is I'm not sure!  But for some reason I love the texture and graduation of color.  Shannon Claire made color fun and pretty!

Michelle used the same wallpaper as Stephanie with a whole different twist!  Not sure I would have thought to use the gray bed as an anchor in between all this color but it was genius!

Ashley pulled this room together like a true professional by adding the texture on the walls with this trim.  I love the simple minimalist look of this space and it has plenty of texture!

So..... thoughts?  Was your favorite among some of mine or maybe you have your own? 

In other news I saw lot's of projects by other people this week....

Michael Ladisic took me by a beautiful home he has just finished.

It appears that outdoor showers are all the rage these days.....

I used these same barstools for a project and I still love them.  The color of the cabinets is pretty HOT too!  All interior design by Brian Watford Interiors.

 I am smitten with this tile/vanity combination.

My friend Lori May just finished putting the final touches on a year long new construction.  I stopped by yesterday and was wowed over everything!

Yup....this black and white room had my name on it:)

2 beautiful Circa Lighting Chandeliers from 2 different friends....

I had to stop by RH for a client and their hardware game is on!

What a week....we've had so much rain and it reminded me that it's time for my Keratin treatment.  I had a serious case of frizzies and that is just unacceptable.

I'm supposed to meet up with all the sheepie's in Atlanta on Sat but they might cancel because of the rain which will make me sad because my happiness level is off the charts when I get around a 100 Old English Sheepdogs!

Can you even imagine?

OK...time to proof read this sucker and the gym!



Hola chicas!

I don't think I gave you an update on my WW journey last post and that is because I was stuck at 8 lbs.

For 2 long weeks.  

And it really made me mad [stomping foot] because I was following all the rules.

But I am happy to report that even though it took me 2 weeks.....I finally lost another flipping pound to make it 9.  So that all took 6 weeks....and I can remember when I could lose that much in 6 days.....when I was younger.


I wouldn't say anyone has noticed....I think you have to lose 20 pounds for that and my clothes still fit..... only SO much better.....for instance my jeans aren't squeezing as much fat up to create that obnoxious muffin top.....ugh.   

I did have to tighten my belt just a tad and that was a nice little bonus.  All in all I am still plugging along with this gig.

A few things to share with you today.

New Fabrics

I am sure you all know designer Erica Powell of Urban Grace Interiors.  Based in Santa Rosa Beach Florida she has been churning out beautiful projects since 2005.

Erica has just launched her long awaited textile line and although I have not seen it personally I did grab some instagram pictures for you!

Aren't these colors and patterns are so pretty?!

I am a sucker for anything with an X on it:)

You can follow her textile instagram page for more beautiful pictures!

Next up is a new line with Pindler Corp. fabrics called Printworks.

So many pretty colors....yes I just did say that:)

Some closeups for you.....

Both lines are so you have a favorite?

And that's all I have for you today.  Nothing earth shattering but again....who loves pretty fabrics more than me!


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