Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I hope you guys had a great weekend!  Can you believe Christmas is 3 weekends away?  


I am really hoping I can get a mantel decorated or a wreath up but dang y'all I need a few more hours in the day or perhaps another day added to the week.....preferably in-between Saturday and Sunday:)

Today I'm talking about Brian Patrick Flynn....I think you might remember him as the designer of this green and white bathroom that was floating around the blogs a while back.

I'm pretty sure we all vowed to get an upholstered door in our life after seeing this one with the brass nailheads.

He has a company called Flynnside Out Productions and does a lot of work for HGTV.....or maybe they work for him.....not really sure.

Just recently the HGTV 2017 Dream House opened in St Simon's Island and I saw these picture posted.....

Check out this before shot! 

After....hmmmm....white:)  Me likey.

Here are a few inside shots....

Before of the great room!  Column city.


Kind of digging the green, brown and white here.

Here is the dining room before....

And after.....

Brian's designs appeal to me with his use of moody colors and design.

Kitchen before....I don't get a fan in the kitchen like that.....

Kitchen after.....boom!

Before of the pool house...scary

Yum....blue grasscloth.  I'm in.

Pool house bathroom

Master bedroom before


Master bath before


I love this book stack.....I think you get these at Ikea?

Now this is a pretty ceiling fan!

Pretty dang impressive right?

I wonder how long it took?  So I guess you can win this house.  Does that mean you move to St Simons?

I don't know but I might entertain the thought if I won.....which I might have to research [how to win].

Brian....great job.  Your swell.  And cute.  And Funny.


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Friday, December 2, 2016


I don't have much for you today.....I guess every post can't be a light bulb moment right?  But.....I did spend Wednesday getting the project I worked on all last year photographed by Rustic White Photography . 

The architect [Linda MacArthur] and kitchen designer [Jane Hollman] of Studio Entourage  and I got together to split the cost of this so it was a win win for everyone!  Can't wait to see the final shots.....

I thought I would share some images I took as we were leaving so you could see the before and after of the outside!

It's amazing what a pretty coat of white paint will do:)

This was a full renovation built by my friend Michael Ladisic of Ladisic Fine Homes

One more shot.....of my favorite powder room!

I saw this new trim the other day  Fabricut by Dana Gibson and flipped out....I love this color way!

And...... after blowing through The Crown on Netflix   

I started watching this one.....on Amazon.....

I'm 3 episodes in and it's intriguing....read the review here

Last thing.....I was asked to speak at a college design class the other day.  


Yes I was scared since I consider myself "home schooled" in the whole business.  But....sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone right?

Scratching my head thinking of what to talk about for 2 hours ......I know right...eek....I decided to just put together a ton of before and after images and talk about why I made certain decisions and those 2 hours flew by!

One of the pictures I ran across was this chair makeover for my second One Room Challenge.

The shot below was me trying to explain to my upholsterer what my goal was.

Same chair!

I forgot what a good one it was right!

Have a killer weekend.....I know it is "crazy blogger Christmas decorating" season.  Always that time of year when I feel so inadequate :)



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