Last week was chock full of events.....I had a small office bookcase install and it was raining that day.

I walked out the front door..... carrying my bags of accessories headed down the front yard [wearing flip flops]....first mistake....and because the ground was wet and a little muddy [at the edge between the yard and driveway] I slipped....went down hard and heard the sound of broken glass.

Really?  Yeah....lost a few things in that fall....had to go in change pants and wash my feet.

Start over.  

I did manage to go to Scott's for a few hours on Friday so there's that bit of good news.

Let's discuss the good things I saw starting with these pretty rugs.

I stared  long and hard at this beautiful neutral beauty!

This guy is also over on Miami Circle [Art Rugs of Persia]

I wanted to meet the artist Scott Kerr but he personally couldn't make it this month.  I was glad to finally get a chance to see more of his art since I bought a large piece for a project [on Instagram!]. 

Can't wait till it arrives and is hung!

From across the room I spied all of this black and white goodness and I mowed people down to get over there.....

I've always said if there was a Starbucks at Scott's....and then I walked around a corner and saw this...

Finally....but of course it was after I had put some bad cafeteria food down my belly along with some crappy coffee.

And what is a Scott's blog post with out a few pillows right!

Both Lori and I found this pillow combo yummy!

A couple of cute vintage chairs

Just some pretty stuff.....

Mudcloth fabric for days....

And below this is what I purchased because I definitely need more black and white:)


It's a new week.....and a new project which I am working hard at....[more on that later]

This is what I am doing on Thursday!

Which reminds me I need to get my act together:)

I am still so happy that my little Cami is healthy and for some reason with so much going on lately I took 2 weeks off from working out [never happens]

After going to Orange Theory yesterday my arms are so sore the only thing I can move are my fingers to type....hahaha.



 I feel like I dodged a bullet y'all.....I took Cami to the specialist on Wednesday and just walking into that place brought back memories.

What I mean is that I have left there twice before without a dog..... in tears.

So to get good news for a change was just what I needed.  They said her heart is fine and it is common to hear a slight heart murmur in a large very excited dog.  I didn't mind paying a chunk of $$$ for that information.

So it looks like this peach pit....poop eating crazy girl is OK:)

It's no secret that I don't have little kids running around so when I have to do research on putting together a little boys room.....I gotta dig deep y'all.

Here is the plan.  First thing I did was add some interest to an alcove where the dresser is going.  
The whole room was white with beige carpet and it begged for these stripes.

Then I looked for a dresser that could stand the test of time....he is only 3 after all!

This Pottery Barn number is perfect and I found this mirror to possibly go over it.

I am always happy to throw in a little industrial.

These sheets [because he loves trucks] are adorable with some basic navy bedding so when he is tired of trucks we don't have to pitch the whole plan!

OK...here is where it gets crazy.  I discovered 
The Land of Nod.  Hey no judging....why would I be shopping there huh?

What can't you find for kids.....I mean I want this for myself.....

The cutest!

I was looking for storage ideas and it was overload....

 I liked everything I saw!

Of course I love this idea I found on Pinterest [Crazy Wonderful] because it feeds my texture loving heart.  Baskets on the wall.

I headed over to Minted and found these cute pictures of trucks!

Put it together and we are almost there!

It's a start and decisions still need to be made but We have to hurry since there is a new little boy coming into the family soon:)

I'm outta here....off to Scott's today.  I feel like I have an extra spring in my step getting such good news!


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