Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I got home from Boulder Friday night and hit the ground running.....I had a client who was having a party on Saturday so I had to do some accessorizing for her!

Sunday I just chilled cause Mama needed some down time you know:)

I have some new pictures of the demo over at #fieldcourt and it's coming along.  When you are working on a budget you have to weigh every decision.....deciding where to spend and where to save.  What is going to create the biggest impact!

We are slowing putting plans together for many of the areas.

First up is the foyer....

The iron railing went in!
Nice huh!

Master bath before

It's certainly not very special.....


Opening it up and just leaving a pony wall for the shower.  Nice thing about the space is there is so much light.

Since we aren't adding any square footage we have to give a lot of thought to the other elements of this bathroom like tile, vanity and lighting.

The floors will be black hex and actually go up the back wall by the shower. The subway wall tile will be hung vertically.  Adding the wood vanity helps to warm up the space.

Heading into the dining room.....

Here is the real estate shot.  What's good:  Love the sloped ceiling and it's a large room.  That being said with so much space we decided to break it up, remove the bookshelves and move the dining room into the area.


OK here is where it gets crazy.  Deciding on a light fixture and the style of the space.

Now that the walls are all down you will be able to see 4 light fixtures......so they have to look good together.

Since the middle closet has been removed....

There are 3 places for fixtures but we aren't doing anything in the middle.

We picked this Arteriors metal pendant
Then above the staircase.....

From All Modern
Which is why the DR fixture is so important.  I have put together 3 boards using different elements.

# 1
Using the Rejuvenation Pendant I used on the Madison Project.

# 2

Using a new pendant Brian Patrick Flynn designed for Crystorama

# 3

Last using this Nelson Bubble from DWR.

These are all large light fixtures to help fill the space but are simple in style.

So there you have it....would love to know your thoughts if you have a moment:)

My eyes are crossed from looking at so many fixtures and trying to narrow it down.


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Saturday, March 18, 2017


So I'm sitting at the Denver airport trying to get my Friday post out....I am on some unsecured wifi and everyone and their brother is probably stealing all of my passwords.....and my bank accounts will be empty when I get back to Atlanta.

You guys are way more important though:)

It was a quick trip out here and I will fill you in next week but I have more fabrics to share from my visit to Lewis and Sheron Textiles today.

Starting with blues and greens....

Green being the color of the year....is that this year?  Or was that last year?  No worries cause it doesn't have to be the COTY to love this combination!

 House Beautiful

This room is perfection.....using the darkest version of both colors to make an impact.  And of course it doesn't hurt that they threw in some pretty black and white pillows:)

Studio McGee

 Kate Marker
Studio Mcgee

I could not find the sources of some of these so please forgive me if this is your design.....I give you permission to come slap me.

Of course you don't need me to show you fabulous black and white.....

How cool is this fabric....it looks like kuba cloth!

A.....dore these soft colors and I never met a bird print I didn't like

 The one below caught my eye and love for this dark taupe and blue.

And the reason I went there in the first place....to get this cute dog fabric for a small curtain treatment at the Madison project!

I'm in love:)

If you can't find any of these on the web site I am sure if you email them with a picture they can help!

Look at this sweet puppy who hangs around the Denver airport to calm nervous flyers.....

A big old Newfoundland and he was as chill as they come:) 


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