Alrighty then...are you ready for another showhouse?  I think there are about 5 a year around here and the Serenbe and Cashiers fall fairly close to each other.

I really don't know how these designers do it....if I had to throw a showhouse in my schedule it would send me over the edge:)  

I'm fragile like that.  And then there is the fact that you are putting your work out there for all to judge.

At least when you have clients and limitations you have an excuse.....haha

This room was by Nina Nash and Don Easterling.

I just showed this Sister Parish fabric to how it looks made into curtains!

Right around the corner was this bar/bathroom Patrick and Meghan Sharp

Love the Schumacher wallpaper.....

And hello perfect rug.

Stripe wallpaper.....I think Thibaut.

Y'all know this space spoke to me with all the black and white right!

At the top of the stairs was this perky laundry space....more awesome Thibaut wallpaper!

 Chris Holt Interiors

I really love how Chris layers his patterns.....

Right off this bedroom was a cute outdoor space....

Seeing lots of green and blue spaces and I have to say I really like it!

Um....those sheets right!

Jennifer Healey Interiors

Are you wowed?  Do you have a favorite space?

Guess what?  There was another whole house.

Yup.....not lying.  

So there is more for another day.

If you are local you NEED to go [open thru October 8th].  Serenbe is a great day trip....about an hour from Atlanta.

On another note.....

This is getting delivered for a client today so stay tuned!



Last night I made the long trek to the Serenbe Designer Showhouse [it's showhouse city around here] and Lordy it did not disappoint!

I took a gazillion pictures which all have to be downloaded from my phone and straightened so hopefully I can share them on Tuesday.  Y'all there was quite a bit of black and white so you know I was just plain giddy:)

Since I can't stop thinking about this bedroom from the Cashiers showhouse I thought I would pull together some items so you can get the look!

Here is the thing...... this's full of texture and very tonal.


lamp this lamp from Crate and Barrel is perfect!

All you need are some tree branches!

So the bed.....get some reclaimed wood and put it on the ceiling:)

I found this at Home Depot

The look....

Adding the metal [mirror] wood [bed] and the chunky rug help to give this space plenty of texture....

I kind of want to do this room somewhere:)

Here are a few other pillows I found to help you out....

One last thing....I was at Rejuvenation yesterday to pick up these brackets

And saw this green couch!

What's up for you this weekend?  

I might go to the Lakewood flea market or clean out my guest bedroom [which is full of stuff that I don't know what to do with] [probably not though].

Maybe try and figure out why nothing I put on Poshmark has sold when everyone said it was so easy.....

Or....maybe I will just love on Cami all weekend:)
God....that face just melts me.



I think I mentioned that I was went to Cashiers a couple of weeks ago with Michael Ladisic to look at a project.  It was a fast trip but we did run through the Cashiers Designer Showhouse [which was 3 small cottages] quickly.  And I do mean fast!

I have some pictures but seriously I have no names or info on anything so if you email me to ask a question I will poke you in the eyes:)

AND.....I hope that none of the designers get mad if I don't credit them.....because I did not record who did which room.

I really liked this kitchen in the first cottage....especially with the countertop material running up the back giving it a nice clean look.

I have always loved a lamp in a kitchen....

Laundry room

I believe it was a Cambria.

This family room was a mix of modern and rustic....

Pretty trim on these curtains.

This was one of my favorite pretty and classic.

I do remember that this bathroom below was painted SW Urbane Bronze and I love it!  That gold mirror.....Hubba Hubba!  Somebody tell me who makes it please:)

 The only reason I know who did this one is because I happen to see the list of stuff for sale.....BD Jefferies has a masculine feel to it which I tend to gravitate towards.....

I love the ceiling....and all of the textures

I was all over this dining was perfection to me. 

This iconic Brunschwig and Fils wallpaper is a classic....

On trend with black and white buffalo check....

Pretty Schumacher pillow fabric!

 I love this cow by Dawne Raulet who did my beloved swan:)

This trend of wooden chairs and stools.....

Colorful wallpaper!

Another pretty kitchen.....

There was a lot to look at and so many styles! Rustic, modern and traditional.....something for everyone. 


And yesterday while Irma was around Atlanta [I hope all of your families are safe]..... I did nothing as shown by this picture.
The only reason I got this many steps was chasing Cami while she had the "indoor zoomies"!

 It's hard to explain to a dog that there will be no walks today:(

Thanks for reading y'all.....


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