Friday, January 23, 2015


Holy smokes what a week!

Putting together a plan for a huge living space that needs almost all new furniture sucked the life out of me!  I am so used to working with certain limitations on most of my design jobs that to have an open playing field took so much more time.

Speaking from a design point of view I could almost start anywhere.....but where was that?

Well the colors of the kitchen was a good place to begin.....

Now listen...I can not give you all of the details of this kitchen until after the tour so be patient!

You know I am a neutral girl and my first instinct is to slap some cream and pale gray in this room and call it a day.


Instead I pushed way out of my box to include some of those deep colors....

These were just some of the fabrics I scored while walking the halls of ADAC.  Thanks Jenna at Lee Jofa for all of your help!

I will share more with you after the final selections.

There is progress in the kitchen....

In other areas of this home....
The master bath tile arrived.

To be mixed with these in a herringbone pattern....along the cabinets stain.

Check out this gorgeous tile in one of the girls bath....along with this in the shower area.

In another bath we have this....

And the vanity

These gorgeous cabinets in the laundry room were installed and we looked at several wallpaper choices.

We actually picked the middle because it matched the already painted walls.

The other 2 awesome papers will be used elsewhere:)

This bar setup in the man cave is killing me with all of the metal and that Kohler faucet!

I am so lucky to be working on this's exciting to stretch my design view but at the same time a little scary you know.....

What about your week?  Are you leaving skid marks getting things done.....

Thanks so much for all of the love on my first fashion post!  

A few asked about those black J Brand jeans the answer is yes they are high waisted but they also have a mid rise.

Thanks for checking in with me:)


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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


So I went to a movie on Sunday.  Which is a big deal cause I have not been to one for about a year.

I saw Birdman.  It is not the movie to see if you are afraid of heights.  Like every scene was someone sitting on a ledge or about to jump off a ledge.  I spent the whole time looking everywhere but the screen.  

Don't get me wrong it was a good movie but even more the acting was ridiculous.  I can see why it is up for all of the awards....but it gave me angst.

Movies are not cheap anymore.  About 25.00 [movie and popcorn].  That is one reason my husband won't go with me.  I want my own bag and I don't share.  He doesn't understand that because it is more economical to get one large tub.

Nope.  His hands are like shovels and it becomes a race.  I can't take the pressure but more than that I find myself concentrating on getting my hand in the bucket than watching the movie.


So this is going to be my first fashion post.  No worries....this is still a design blog and always will be.  It's just that it took me a long time to define my style and quit buying things that hung in my closet so I thought I would share my wisdom with you.

Let's start with these....

J Brand Maria Photo Ready black jeans.  Hands down the best ever.  Yes...they are expensive but I wear them practically every day! [I have 2 pair].  They fit like a glove and do not fade.

I pretty much only wear these and regular jeans so that saves me a lot of money right there.

A white shirt is a staple for me....I have about a 100.  Nah.... but one whole section in my closet is all white.

I love Banana Republic no iron fitted shirts but they run small so I go up a size.
A pair of black ballet shoes.

I have these Cole Hann flats and they are so comfy.  I got them on sale and might buy another pair.

I am strictly a small cross body black purse kind of gal.  I like hands free.

I like this one from BR.  I never got into the large purse trend.

When I travel or need more space I use a bag like this also from BR.
I keep it basic.....

I love boots in the winter and I have both of these from Fry.  The tall ones are 5 years old and at the end of each season I take them to be shined up so they are ready for the next year!  Yes...they are pricy but I always wait for a 20% off sale.  Plus they will last.

I shop a lot at BR, J Crew and Madewell.  Here are a few great looks....

Surprise....all neutrals.

I recently purchased this scarf and shirt from BR.  You can always catch a "40% of everything in the store" sale....which I did!

The denim work shirt.....I might have about 10 of them....if my husband is reading....which he never does but you can bet [with my luck] somehow he will stumble across this post....I only have 2.

Goes great with white and black jeans.

Again more neutrals.  

I am sure it looks a bit boring to most of you but it saves me from standing in my closet....with that deer in the headlights kind of look.

It is a little like how I approach design....neutrals but then I can add some color and pattern with pillows.

Who knew.

Just to keep the design ball rolling .....this chair that I saw on Classic Casual Home slayed me.


Enjoy Tuesday.


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Thursday, January 15, 2015


Remember that kitchen I posted about....

Well it is cruising along at a snails pace.  These kitchen cabinets are a process to install.  

I am so excited that it's going to be on a kitchen tour in late March!  The bad part is they had to come take a picture the other day for the brochure.

Uh huh....and the fact that we pulled that off is nothing short of a miracle.

I can't reveal too much but I wanted to show you a little behind the scenes.

Here is the setting when I arrived with a basket full of accessories and some branches of Quince.

This was at 1:30 and the photographer was arriving at 3:00!  Still installing shelves...and Lisa [the homeowner!] was wiping down the appliances.

The marble had been installed a few hours ago.

This Currey light fixture was laying on it's side!

Here is a close up of the marble....and the sink

And.....about an hour or so later....

Simple restaurant supply white dishes the homeowner bought second hand!!!  I love them.
Good eye Lisa:)

Styled up!  
 If you look closely there are some things missing.....

And....if you turn to the right you will see this!

Hahahahaha....the light fixture is hanging on a hook.  It just goes to show what you can do with a little lipstick.....but of course we had a pretty nice pig to put it on!

OK....I have to get to work on my presentation for tomorrow.  
Definitely running behind on this one.

Shermagician :)

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Monday, January 12, 2015


Boy do I like to shop.  Is it called shopping if you don't actually buy anything?  OK....that is a lie cause I bought a few small things but not like "back in the day" when I would try to meet the minimum of 250.00 just to get one item worth 25.00.  

I never said I was a math whiz.....

Just like "in the old days" when I would find a pair of great fitting pants and buy them in every color I have wised up now and only buy 2 pair....both in black.

I only have to touch that hot stove like 20 times but in the end I get it......

I had fun roaming the halls of the mart by myself. Just taking pictures of things that caught my eye.

You ready?

Still seeing so much blue!

This little number is by Pom Pom.

Gorgeous setting with vendors from Codarus.

Of course I am drawn to all of these great colors.  

Great space designed by Kerry Howard Interiors

Dark navy walls were gorgeous.

 The J Douglas showroom shined with some great merchandise!

Love seeing this Cole and Son wallpaper up!

Equestrian was popular....

Always love the collection from Ryan Studio

Their sister company Legacy Linens always has some eye candy...

Loved how they used this Thibaut fabric above.

More blue....

Love this light fixture from Gabby

Color combination....

McAlpine Home barstool

There you have it....a few highlights!

Of course there were more happenings but we will discuss later.

Unfortunately it is Monday so it's time to punch the time clock:)

Buh Bye
Sherika out.

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