Friday, June 24, 2016


I've started planning for the interior design on this large renovation I've been working on all year.

In the past I would have said "this is the fun part" but come to find out I enjoy all the work that leads up to fixtures, lighting, flooring.....paint colors!  Maybe it is just the process of starting from scratch that is alluring:)

Anyway I've got so many rooms to put together and the theme is mostly blues.

In the family room which of course we added planking.....

From this....

To this.....

The whole house except for the MBR is painted BM White Dove.

We are doing a large Charles Stewart sectional custom made for the space....

Here are the fabrics....
The sofa in the oat color is a Crypton which is the latest in performance fabrics.  The Schumacher Katsugi has always been a favorite and I pared it with Schumacher Izmir Stripe for pillows with a solid navy velvet for texture.

Some pretty white sheer linen for curtains.  In the kitchen we are using these Vanguard barstools in a white performance fabric....

In the master bedroom we used BM Yarmouth Blue.....

We tried a lot of blues and this one was perfect!

We started with Schumacher Pearl River....for pillows on the bed with white linens....

2 small blue chairs and the white wool curtains with the Lee Jofa trim.....along with this wool rug.

In other updates around the house I love this black and white tile.....and the crystal knobs from Emtek mimic the flowers on the floor.

The indoor/outdoor carpet went in...and it is incredible....would never know it was performance goods!

And some pretty Emtek door knobs.....

This is just scratching the surface.....I am up to my eyeballs in fabrics.....what is going where.  

It will take me forever to write all this up for the workroom!  Don't get me wrong I am not complaining.....this is FUN!

I leave for Boulder on July 1st [that is if I don't get picked for jury duty on the 29th....grrrrrr] to stage that project and I am beyond excited about this one!

69 more days of summer.....I could actually use a little break from this hair needs it's own zip code.


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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I was flipping through June's House Beautiful the other day and stopped tight on the "Kitchen Of The Month"

I love the masculine organic feel of this space. 

 Don't get me wrong I am a "white kitchen girl" at heart only because it's timeless and  Lord knows changing out a kitchen is not as economical as changing out pillows right?

 I think I could be happy in this one though.

 I started thinking about doing this on a budget so I did a little research and came up with this.....just   in case there is someone out there hankering for this look!

Here is what I came up with.

Speaking of the paint colors....have we forgotten what a great color BM Dragons Breath is?

Next up are those professional appliances which can cost an arm....a leg....and possible a kidney.

No that cooking is popular [not around my house though] most appliance  companies have a "professional line".

The designer of the fabulous kitchen above is Robert Stilin.....who is an AD Top 100 designer for the January 2016  issue!  Talent.

Look at his range.....

I picked a few other kitchens that reflect this style....



So to sum up the look of an industrial kitchen you need these elements....

Alright let's step away from kitchens for a minute to the stained saltillo floors in my last post.

I tried to get in touch with the faux painter but I am not sure he will part with this info.  I know....tragic.  I will work on it and hopefully I can give him a hard side eye.....he will get scared and give it up:)


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Friday, June 17, 2016


I hope guys have been following along with my renovation project this last 6 months.....I've shown you some of the beautiful light fixtures from Circa Lighting....wallpaper from Thibaut, Cole and Son and the gorgeous pewter table from Francois.

Besides doing Michael's home this project has been a dream.  A gorgeous Brookhaven house totally gutted....moving walls....finishing out a terrace level, all new bathrooms [7] and kitchen.

I have been channeling my inner "Suzanne Kasler" for that  classic neutral look!

I think the only area that was untouched were the saltillo tiles in the foyer.  The problem was after we got close to finishing we determined that they were too orange for the direction we took! 

You know what I'm talking about right? 

Stock photo

So we called the trusty faux painter and he got to work.

 He did a sample for me and after some discussion we decided to go a little darker.

Here is a picture of the before....
Hee Haw...the floors had been covered up already but I just wanted the after to have more impact!

You likey?

Circa Lighting chandelier

New front door....with an arch.

Rocky Mountain hardware

We also added some wainscoting to the walls.

Here is the before of the outside...

And after with new door.  The light fixture is original but we had it refurbished.

I found some other pictures of stained tile for you....

This shows some examples of what you can do with saltillo tiles....

This one is close to being done so I will be sharing furniture selection with you soon!  So darn excited....

The other day my friend Jennifer who writes the blog Vreeland Road came to town for dinner and before we ate there was some fun to be had visiting some of my favorite Atlanta home design retail stores....

Noah J. and Co
Huff Harrington
BD Jefferies

Ending with dinner at Le Bilboquet

Especially for 2 designers....

Have a fantastic weekend!


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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


OK.....back to the KOTY.  Farrow and Ball was one of the sponsors for the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year.  

Of course I had no problem picking colors because we all know how beautiful their range is.  

Most paints start with a translucent base and add pigment.  Farrow and Ball add a higher level of pigment which produces their depth of color....another reason that it's hard to color match with another company.

Let's start with Pavillion's definitely a true gray similar to SW Repose Gray.  No green or blue undertones.

Oval Room Blue is an incredible color.....After it went up I was in love with it's rich hue.

Dining room in the KOTY

Down Pipe is a dark gray with blue in it.....think industrial.

Farrow and Ball's All White is crisp and clean.....a true white.  Below it is paired with Farrow and Ball Dovetail.  Beautiful!

I kind of feel like I am the last person to discover Cornforth White and everyone is snickering.  It's lighter that Pavillion Gray but again....a true gray.

Go here for a whole post written on this color with ton's of pictures.....
I met so many people that week but just fell in love with Sean Sullivan who is the Group Marketing Director and associate publisher of House Beautiful.

Sean is hilarious and writes a food blog called Spectacularly DeliciousPeople who know me are aware that I don't cook but I am all about pretty pictures of food and I like to eat food so 2 out of 3 isn't bad:)

I can't wait until October and the issue comes out!

I hope you guys are having a fantastic's only June and already "Guam Hot" here in Atlanta.



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